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   Shri M. Chaoba Singh Librarian i/c  
   Shri L. Kunjo Singh Documentalist  
   Smt. Bimola Devi Deputy Librarian  
   Shri Y. Dama Singh Cataloguer  

Staff Position:

                 Professional                           -         4
                     Semi Professional                 -         7
                     Others                                     -       

Statistics of the year 2013-14:

No. of Books procured during the year 917
No. of complimentary books added during the year 74
No. of catalogue main card prepared 991
No. of added entries prepared 2082
No. of books classified and entered into computer 991
No. of compact disc added (for book) 106
No. of titles of journal subscribed  
                          i)  Foreign 64
                          ii) Indian 31
No. of W.H.O. publication received 18
No. of complimentary journals received 190
No. of journals issued for Xeroxing  
                         a. Current issues 128
                         b. Back issues  500
  No. of current contents prepared:  
                           a. Subscribed journals V.7, N.1-9; 2013
No. of Back journals bound 260
No. of non-printed materials added (CDís) 2
No. of magazine subscribed 5
No. of magazines subscribed 5
No. of newspaper subscribed:  
              a. National 3
              b. Local  3
No. of books issued & returned including Xerox 3361
No. of readers/users visited 4475
No. of Library cards prepared 180
No. of clearance certificate issued 4090
Total No. of Medline search session held 7251
No. of abstracts/citation printed 20490
No. reference/full text printed 453
No. of readers/users visited in Library Internet Facility Centre 1761



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