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The Main assignments and activities of this centralized facility are to:

  • Provide, manage and ensure the satisfactory operation of joint computer and software facilities for the students and departments that require these facilities.
  • Provide technical assistance to various users.
  • Ensure the monitoring of the computer network at the institute, and the coordination of inter connections and the management of overall computer facilities for the whole institute.
  • Provide computer facilities for the institute administration.
  • Installation & Maintenance of Servers for:

o    Internet Access.

o    E-mailing Facilities.

o    Computation Facilities.

  • Management & upload of the Official RIMS, Imphal Web Page
  • Maintaining the huge campus network, consisting about 350 nodes
  • Provides & maintains the PCs of the Faculty & Staff members
  • Teaching programmes like conducting Computers classes for B.Sc. Nursing and staff of         RIMS



ll the departments, sections, units, wards & medical complex are connected through OFC to the core switch in the Server room. Internet access is availed from to provide better connectivity and make the system fault-tolerant.

"The Computer centre’s internet and intranet unit takes care of maintenance of its proxy Mail and HTTP server for RIMS, up gradation of internet services, development of the web sites and the contents creation and management of the latest information of the departments at its web site. The Computer centre looks after the development of software and its maintenance for all the computational needs of the establishment, recruitment, audit, accounts and other administrative units of the RIMS.

The Patient Care System which is gigantic task (and once developed earlier) has been undertaken again on a mass scale of designing and implementation of single system to cater to the needs of all the centers and RIMS hospital- inpatient and outpatients, the need of laboratory services and management information services for the patients.

For conducting these tasks satisfactorily, computer centre make use of a wide range of computer facilities. The institute has chosen a system based on work stations under Windows and Linux, which provide the interconnection and exchange of data between the various systems and enable us to provide our users with working environments adapted to their requirements and the students with tools reflecting the standards of the computer industry.

RIMS visualizes centralized computing facility, campus wide networking and information technology as a means to enrich the educational experience and invigorate emerging areas of scholarly research and education. The Campus wide fibre optic network commissioned during 2005 completed.  A 2 Mbps Leased Line from BSNL caters for the Internet facility of the institute. The Campus Network connects to   Departments, and Centre. Computer Centre manages and administers the Internet links and the internet services such as electronic mail, World Wide Web, DNS, FTP and other services. Centre manages the Proxy servers for the above services.

Centre provides various advanced and special purpose software such as Oracle 9i, Tally, MATLAB, SPSS etc.. Centre also provides computer and network facilities to various festivals, events and seminars held at Institute lecture theatre and at department and centers.



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