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  • College of Nursing RIMS celebrated its 4th Foundation Day and Lamp Lighting Ceremony on 3rd Dec. 2012: College of Nursing, RIMS, Imphal celebrated its 4th Foundation Day on 3rd Dec. 2012 in Jubilee Hall, RIMS, Imphal with much fanfare under the dynamic and inspirational leadership of Prof. N. Damayanti Devi, Principal i/c, College of Nursing, RIMS, Imphal. This is the second of its kind in the history of College of Nursing, RIMS, Imphal. (Read more) View Photos

  • RIMS celebrated its 41st Foundation on 14th Sept. 2012: The 41st Foundation Day Celebration of The Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Imphal was held at Jubilee Hall of the Institute. The occasion was graced by Dr. Jagdish Prasad, Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India as the Chief Guest. Along with him to grace the occasion were Prof. Ng. Bijoy Singh, MLA and former Vice Chancellor of MU as the President and Prof. A. Dwijamani Singh, Former Medical Superintendent and Retd. Professor of Medicine, RIMS as the Guest of Honour respectively. (Read more....)  View photos

  • Induction programme of BDS Course 2012 held: The induction programme of the newly admitted students of Dental College, RIMS, was held on 5th Sept. 2012 in the Mini Auditorium. Prof S. Sekharjit Singh, Director, Prof N. Damayanti Devi, HOD, Anatomy, Shri E. Debendro Meitei , Deputy Director (Adm), members of Dental College Development Committee, Prof T. Nabachandra Singh, Principal i/c, Prof Debnath Kaushik, Dean (Academic) were in the dais. The Dental College was formally opened on August 28 2012. However the Director said that the classes would begin once the MU gives the nod. There are 50 seats in the college of which 15% seats are set aside for the All India Quota. The remaining seats will be shared by the NE states excluding Assam. The speakers underlined the need for the students to study hard, attend the classes and spend their time in furtherance of their studies. The Director also explained in detail the facilities available in RIMS and what courses the BDS students shall undergo in the four-year study plus 1 year internship. He also disclosed that apart from MBBS course there are post graduate MD/MS courses, M.Ch. course, B.Sc. Nursing, M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology, BDS and Diploma in Hearing Language Speech. Prof N. Damayanti Devi said that after much hard works the permission to start the Dental College was obtained. She also asked the students to learn to stand in their own legs since they no longer will get direct support from parents now. The rules and regulations are very strict and any violation shall not be tolerated. The students have to drudge and nothing should be taken for granted. Professors, students, staff and other invitees were present in the programme.

  • Continuing Medical Education on Medical Genetics and In Vitro Fertilization held on 30th Aug. 2012 in Jubilee Hall RIMS Imphal: A Continuing Medical Education on Medical Genetics and In Vitro Fertilization was held in the Jubilee Hall of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal on 30th August, 2012. Prof S. Sekharjit, Director, RIMS declared the session open.This event was organised by the Department of Anatomy, RIMS. The first session of this kind was held in 2006. Welcoming the delegates, subject experts and invitees, Prof N. Damayanti, Head of the Anatomy Department said that even in this modern age many genetic cases remain undiagnosed, hence uncounselled. Even parents do not know the condition of the mentally retarded children. The Continuing Medical Education will go a long way in enriching the knowledge of those who attended it. Dr D.K. Chopade, Genetist from Nashik, Maharastra spoke on "In-Vitro Fertilization" and "FISH and Molecular Cytogenetics" while Dr Monalisa Deka, Senior Scientist from Gauhati Medical College spoke on Cytogenetics and importance of genetic counselling.A large number of professors and post graduate students from RIMS, other faculties from JNIMS, Lecturers & Tutors of College of Nursing and other invitees were present in the Continuing Medical Education. View Photos

  • RIMS observes Patriots' Day : Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal observed Patriots' Day on 13.8.2012 in memory of those who sacrificed their lives during the 1891 Anglo-Manipur War. On this day in 1891, Manipuri Prince Bir Tikendrajit Singh and General Thangal were hanged by the British on charges of waging war against them. Heads of Departments, Professors, officials, staff and students were among those who paid floral tributes to the martyrs. View Photos

  • Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India visits RIMS : Ms Shakuntala Gamlin, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India visited RIMS on 27th July 2012. She underlined the urgent need to erect a boundary wall of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal to ward off encroachers and anti-social elements. She also called for a master plan for the construction of high rise buildings which will last in future generation also. She was interacting with Prof S. Sekharjit Singh, Director, RIMS and other high officials in the conference hall of RIMS in course of her visit to Imphal. The other official was Shri G. R. Khetarpal, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India. Stating that RIMS is one of the centres of excellence she said that efforts should be made to check the brain drain and the tendency among some patients to go elsewhere for treatment. Apart from prohibitive expenses the patients face many practical difficulties elsewhere. Appreciating the College of Nursing which is providing nursing education at nominal expenses to the students of this region she also said that demands for technicians and paramedics are growing. She praised the nurses from this region for their excellent services elsewhere. She was concerned over the sinking buildings in the 300 acres RIMS campus and said that a second campus should be searched. The total absence of water supply and unreliable power position had surprised her. She underlined the need to address these issues since a modern hospital cannot be run without the same. Being a central institute there is no dearth of fund, she said. Some post graduate students informed her about the shortage of hostel rooms. She was of the opinion that it will take about one year to complete the construction of hostels. She added that alternative temporary hostel accommodations for the students are being considered for urgent implementation. After a graphic presentation of the RIMS backgrounder Prof Sekharjit Singh tabled many issues. These include the pay disparity between faculties of RIMS and other central institutes. View Photos

  • Extra-Corporeal Shockwave Lithotripter machine commissioned in Urology Department by  Prof. S. Sekharjit Singh, Director, RIMS, Imphal Director of RIMS, Prof S Sekharjit commissioned an upgraded Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter machine in the Urology Department on 24th July 2012.In 1998 such a machine was installed at RIMS but it became outdated and non-functional.Speaking at the occasion, the Director said that the commissioning of the machine will go a long way in helping the patients with kidney problems and appealed to the staff to handle the equipments with care. The Director also mentioned that there are many proposals from other departments for upgrading their existing machines and that the authority is also looking into them. Prof. S. Rajendra, Head of Urology Dept. said that a negligible number of stone cases are subjected to open surgery where such machines are installed. However, such machines are still not available in many advanced hospitals.Medical Superintendent, Prof H. Shanti Singh mentioned that there is a need of reporting of machine breakdown in time to the concerned authority by the persons handling the machines. View Photos

  • Anatomy Department of RIMS gets new gadget: In an important landmark in the history of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) one Ultra Sound machine was installed on 26th May 2012 in the Department of Anatomy. Speaking briefly in the informal function Prof. N. Damayanti Devi, Head of the Anatomy Department said that the facility was installed as a part of the expansion programme in the institute.She explained that this is not for diagnostic purposes but for learning and research works. A product of the AIIMS, Prof. Damayanti said that some other facilities are in the pipeline in RIMS. Prof. W. Gyaneshwar Singh, Dean (Acad), Prof. M. Amuba, Head of Biochemistry Department, Prof. R.R. Singh who has joined Dental College, RIMS, Imphal and many other professors and faculties and students were present in the function held at the Anatomy Department. It may be recalled that such machines have been installed in the Emergency and other wards. These machines will be of great help to the post graduate students, patients. View Photos

  • Online submission system of JMS available at www.journalonweb.com/jms 

  • A State of the-art SURGICAL HOLMIUM-YAG LASER AURIGA QI 30 W installed and inaugurated on 25th May 2012 by Prof. S. Sekharjit Singh, Director of RIMS, Imphal Read more

  • Ultra Sound Machine in Emergency Ward: An ultra sound machine was commissioned in the emergency ward of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal on 9th May 2012. Speaking in the function Prof. S. Sekharjit Singh, Director, RIMS Imphal said that the machine will go a long way in the initial diagnosis of the patients admitted in the emergency ward. For further examination and diagnosis there are such machines in other departments. Besides, ultra sound machines had been installed for academic purposes in some departments.He exhorted the post graduate students and senior nursing staff to get acquainted with the simple operations of the ECG and multiparameter monitor for pulse, Blood pressure, etc for the benefits of the patients.Because the services of the technicians may not be available in unearthly hours, it stated.

    The Director further disclosed that there are already multiparameter monitors, ECG and resuscitation equipments in the casualty department.

    A patient has to pay a very nominal fee for the ultra sound examination in RIMS.

  • Director at the commissioning of the Ultrasound Machine in the Emergency Ward

    Director addressing the staff and students

    A patient being examined

    Ultrasound machine



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